HST/ACS UDF Coordinate List Request Form

Please fill in the information below in order to request the coordinate list of reddest 100 objects in the UDF. This list is based on a preliminary reduction of the first one third of the UDF data. The names of those who request this coordinate list will be made public.

Also included with the coordinate list is a finder chart image of the UDF field. The central RA,Dec is 53.1625, -27.7914166667 (both specified in degrees). The original image was 6300 x 6300 pixels on a side where the pixel size was 0.05"/pixel; in order to make the GIF file it was binned down by a factor of 3. The resulting gif file is about 5Mb in size.

The sources are now shown in red circles, while the reference stars are shown in blue squares.

The image is from the GOODS z-band V1.0 release, the full depth (5 epochs).




Agreement of Use:

In order receive the coordinate list, you must agree to the terms of use:

I agree to use this coordinate list only for facilitating UDF follow-up observations.


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